2007 - 54th Trek Pictures

Below are just a few of the many pictures of the 54th Trek, we hope you
enjoy them and start to plan now for the 55th Trek in 2008.

The Franklin Spirit

Trek Chairmen John Strawway (standing on the Franklin) and Mark Chaplin

Photos by: Paul Fitzpatrick "Mr. Wrench", Dave Phillips, Frank Hantak,
Chuck Richardson, Brian Coughlins, Mark Chaplin, Mark's niece Melissa
and the slide show by Richard Dryman

Here is a link to a slide show of pictures from the Trek tag this!

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The next 50 pictures show the Franklins in Sunday mornings parade

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More pictures of Franklins and Trekkers

On Friday Trekkers visited member Brian Caughlin's Air Cooled Airplane Barns
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