The H H Franklin Club, Inc.

2009 - 56th Franklin Trek
Trek Chairmen: John Strawway and Mark Chaplin

Trek iformation - 349 attended, 43 children,
43 first time Trekkers and 86 Franklins with one 1908 Cameron

Last up dates made Oct 5, 2009

Photos by: Susan Roberts, Bouvard Hosticka, Andre Audette,
Mike Knips, Carol Kidd, Dick Pratt, Wes Mattie, Dave Phillips,
Sean O'Mear, Dick Gaskill, Bill Woodcock, Jon Perry,
Andy Wittenborn

Syracuse Newspaper

Check out page 8, story written by our Dave Phillips

You are invited to view Andre Audette's photo album: Cazenovia Franklin 2009

The "Peoples Choice" Dale Balderson's 1931 Series 153 Convertible Speetster/DTR

"Future Drivers Choice"

Most if not all the kids that voted for Bob and Millie's Franklin. Bob Amon, Club President, sitting on running board.

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