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Club Officers and Officeholders

National Headquarters

The H. H. Franklin Club, Inc.
Cazenovia College
Cazenovia, NY 13035


President - Bob Metro
Vice President - Bill Woodcock
Secretary - Janet Kilmer
Treasurer - Mark Chaplin

Immediate Past President - Bill Eby
Midwest Region Director - Jeff Hasslen


Term Expires 2017 - Bob Cornman, Scott Dwyer, Keith Kilmer, and Rob Webb. Alternate Brad Fansler

Term Expires 2018 - Derek Haberman, Eric Hasslen, Art Lee, and Lee Schopmeier. Alternate George Rink.
Term Expires 2019 - Michael McCarthy, Mark Sullivan, Chuck Steffensen, Phil Weisenbarger. Alternates Wes Mattie, Glen Short.

Non-Voting Office Holders and Committee Chairpersons

Legal Advisors - Sinclair Powell, John Rendemonti
Historian - Sinclair Powell
Air Cooled News Editors - Jeryl Schriever and Alex Huppe
Franklin Service Station Editor - Derek Haberman and Frank Peredo
Merchandise Store Manager - Loretta Fusco
Librarian - Bouvard Hosticka and Trillian Hosticka
Trek Chair - Susan Reeves
Trek Registrars - Susan and David Roberts
Trek Treasurer - Mark Chaplin
Registrars of Franklins - Chet and Marlene Zimmerman
Photographic Services Manager - Andy Wittenborn
Membership Services Manager - Megan Metro
Manager of Club Projects - Keith Kilmer
Central New York Hosts - Hank Manwell and Dick McKnight
Webmaster - Don Rivers

Board Meetings

February 4, 2017 — Quarterly Meeting
April 29, 2017 — Quarterly Meeting
August 2017 at the Trek — Quarterly and Annual Meetings
November 4, 2017 — Quarterly Meeting

Midwest Region

Joan Hasslen
Midwest Region Secretary/Treasurer
13311 95th St NE
Elk River, MN 55330

Officers and Office Holders

President - Dean Dorholt
Vice President - Bill Eby
Secretary/Treasurer - Joan Hasslen
Regional Director - Jeff Hasslen
Franklin Line Editor - Hazel Wade