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Members: The password for the "Members Only" portion of our club website will be changing on April 1st. You will be notified by e-mail, so if your e-mail address is incorrect, drop a line to the webmaster at: "Webmaster"

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Help keep the Franklin Club keep growing and growing young by identifying students who may be interested in attending the Trek under the scholarship program. Contact Matt Goist or Mason Polston (email on members page) for more information.

Restorable Car Wanted

Do you have a Franklin that is a restoration project that has taken a hiatus? Or a Franklin that is not quite what would be considered road worthy, but time has conspired against your being able to work on it? Would you like to help out the Franklin Club by donating it, or having the Franklin Club coordinate its sale?
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Special Note to Series 10 Owners from the December 2, 1922 Traveling Service Men's Bulletin #263.

Mirro Tilt Headlights used on Series 10 have recently been approved in the States of New York, Massachusetts and Pennsylvania. These are the three states in which car dealers have had the most trouble getting cars registered.

The State of Connecticut advises us that we should register our cars in that state using the name "Wills St. Claire" as the type of headlights we use. This should be done until January 1st when the name 'Mirro Tilt" will be added to their approved list.

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Welcome to The H. H. Franklin Club, Inc.

The H. H. Franklin Club, Inc. is a non-profit membership organization devoted to the preservation and exploration of the H. H. Franklin Manufacturing Company history and its effects on the history of the automobile.

The H.H. Franklin Manufacturing Company of Syracuse, NY built America's most successful air-cooled automobile, with its first innovative air-cooled motorcar in 1902 and continued production until 1934. Of the 150,000 Franklins built between 1902 and 1934, it's estimated that about 3,700 have survived.

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Bouv's Car Join TODAY and enjoy the many benefits of belonging to our club. Tour with other Franklins at the Trek, the Westrek, the two Midwest Regional meets each year, and other club sponsored meets. The H.H. Franklin Club offers a variety of resources to repair, restore, and/or maintain your Franklin. Enjoy the comraderie of our members who all appreciate the Franklin marque and will share that enthusiasm with you. As a 501(c)3 educational club the H.H. Franklin club has a variety of technical and historical resources available for club members and the public. Club members receive the award winning club magazine 'The Air Cooled News' three times a year, the club newsletter 'The Franklin Service Station' four times a year, and the Franklin Registry of all members and Franklin cars around the world. As a member you will also receive access to our Members Only section on the web which includes:

So join us and help preserve the heritage of these fine cars and the historic air-cooled technology pioneered by the H.H. Franklin Company.

What's New on the Web and News

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Thanks to the club members that donated the three missing Air Cooled News issues that were described in the last Service Station. Our collection is now complete.

What's New on March 13?

Franklin News. The Franklin Company published an employee newsletter. Through the bequest of Sinclair Powell, and the few copies already in the club library, many issues are now available for members to review and read about employee life at the Franklin Company.
Members can click here for more information.

Updated on March 5.

We sadly note the passing of James Crippen who passed away on January 29.
Click here for more information.

Updated on February 23.

Now available for members from your club library. Browse through some of the service bulletins that the Franklin factory sent to its travelling service men as they assisted Franklin dealers with service issues of our Franklin autos.
Members can click here to see these newly posted bulletins.

Updated on February 17.

Sale Photo

For Sale: Click here to see ad for a 1928 Franklin Airman, 4-door, 7 passenger sedan.

Factory Drawing Search. Further improvements have been made to the drawings search algorithms. The improved relevance logic and indexing should allow for more comprehensive look-ups. Club members familiar with the drawings search function are urged to review their previous searches. There should be improved results. If you see issues or problems, forward those comments to the webmaster.

Updated on February 10.

Help a new member of the Franklin Club who needs a carburetor for 1909 - 1910 - 1911 model G Franklin and a reliable paint formula for "Royal Blue" as used on brass era Franklins. Email:

Updated on February 9

From the Franklin Club Library: Seven additional Parts Manuals are now available in the 'Members Only' section. Added today - 1904 through 1911 to make an almost complete set. Members can click here to check out Parts Manuals. The on-line PDF files are large and download slowly. If you would like a high resolution hard copy, contact the Franklin Club library (

Updated on February 7.

We sadly note the passing of John Charles Tripier, 90. John passed away Tuesday, February 6.Click here for more information.

Updated on February 6.

We sadly note the passing of Lloyd Young of Canal Winchester, Ohio on January 10.

Updated on January 14.

From the Franklin Club Library: all Franklin Company owners manuals are now available in the 'Members' section. Added today - the last seven manuals to make a complete set. Members can click here to check out Owners Manuals. The on-line PDF files are 200dpi for faster downloads. If you would like a high resolution hard copy, the Franklin Club library ( has some for sale and others are available for sale from an online bookseller.

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Franklin Vintage

Franklin Vintage
Franklin Vintage — An elegant photo book with text by Sinclair Powell. Buy the book.

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