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Our Franklin family members do many things in the winter when we can't care for our Franklins, here is what one member is doing.

I did a project for a photo editing workshop that I am taking, and I used a few of your pics off of the HHFC website. Anyway, if you can use this artwork on the site, you are welcome to it. No credits needed. It is in JPEG format, if you need it as something else, I can do that too. Take care, Chip
Thanks Chip for sharing:

Take care, Chip

Club member Michael Greenleaf purchased his 1929 Franklin in 1964 for $300.00 from a junk yard
look what he has done with it over the years. Thanks Michael for saving a big part of American history

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Here is a beautiful 1928 series 12B Franklin owned by Joe Lo Monaco out on Long Island 11758. Note the sun visor
is missing, should you have one or parts of one please let Joe know, e-mail

I purchased this car from Carl Barker of Falmouth, Maine last July. It is a joy to own and drive.
Dr. Charles G. Drew 1931 Franklin Model 151


If you can't read the sign - read this

The physical limitations and steep elevation of Heritage Hill inspired the construction of Snake Alley in 1894. Three men of german heritage carried out the concept of Snake Alley: Charles Starker, an architect and landscape engineer; William Steyh, the city engineer; and George Kriechbaum, a paving contractor. The Alley originally provided a short cut from Heritage Hill to the business district. Bricks were laid at an angle to allow horses better footing as they descended.

Touted by "Ripley's Believe it or not" as the "crookedest street in the world" Snake Alley consists of five half curves and two quarter curves over a distance of 275 feet. The street is reminiscent of vineyard paths in France and Germany and reflects the city's ethnic heritage.

A view from the top of Snake Alley

Franklins of the Midwest coming down Snake Alley

What a wonderful picture - Robert Erickson's 1929 135 Sedan

1933 Olympic Series 18B Owner John Hasslen - Minnesota

The Olson family in there Franklin


Richard Harry's 1904 Series A - 2 Passenger

Who is that waxing the Midwest Region VP's Franklin

One of the many Franklins at the show on Saturday

Robert Agle's 1929 137 Sport Touring/WBC

One million spark plugs a day go out of this plant in Burlington, Iowa - they gave the Midwest Region an outstanding tour of the manufacturing plant - Thanks for a job well done

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