2000 Spring Midwest

Mt. Pleasant, Michigan. Hosted by Dick and Peg Gaskill

Photos by Dick Gaskill

Dan Rhoades from MO with his 1930 145 Sedan

Mario Cuniberti's 1932 16-A Convertible Coupe

Mayor Alex Bennett checking to see if his spot light is working

Six of the ten Franklins at the Midwest Region Meet

Ken and Anna Hagberg in the rumbleseat of Mario's 1932 Franklin

Cook out at Dick's lake home

Jim Wade President of the Midwest Region, 1929 Series 130 Coupe
This Jim found this Franklin at the Trek in 1999

Midwest Region President Jim Wade with his Franklin cap of pins

Ken and Anna Hagberg out on Rock Lake enjoying the lake

Harold Piescher from Michigan, Looking over all the Franklins

Bill Fields from KY with his just restored 1921 9-B Touring

Midwest Region Vice President Fred Sumner entering WHAT?

Garnet Hantak, Jim Wade (President of the Midwest Region) and Doris Rhoades

Ken Hagberg and Dick Gaskill with Dick's 1929 Ellamobile

Left to right 1930 Sedan of Dan Rhoades - 1929 Sedan of Dick Gaskill

Dick Gaskill's 1929 135 Sedan better know as the Ellamoblile

12 of the some 50+ Franklin members attending the Midwest Region Meet Doing what Franklin members do best, getting ready to eat dinner.

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