1999 Trek

Cazenovia, New York

Photos mostly by Dick Gaskill

Onondaga Historical Association in Syracuse, NY displays the first Franklin ever sold, 1902

This looks like Alex Benndtt's 1923 - 10-C sedan

1930 Franklin in front of Syracuse City Hall

David Roberts in OHA holding the plaque form the City of Syracuse

Were to eat in Syracuse, NY - Starting at the top and working down The Kidds, Pete Kunan and Scott Dwyer, Mrs. President Susan Roberts and the Canfield family

Pete Kunan's 1910 G Touring

Inside OHA

Mayor Roy A. Bernardi of Syracuse welcoming all the Franklin members.
All the Franklin members standing on City Hall steps, drove a Franklin at the Trek.

Mayor Roy A. Bernardi of Syracuse telling Franklin member that a member of his family worked for Franklin

Onondage Historical Association's Executive Director Peter Agar welcoming Franklin members

Scott Dwyer driving his Franklin to OHA

The parade starts with Scott Dwyer and a full Franklin.

The parade starts with Scott Dwyer with a full Franklin and many Franklins following

In OHA left to right, OHA's Peter Apgar, Mayor Roy A. Bernardi and Franklin President Susan Roberts

Outside City Hall left to right, Mayor Roy A. Bernardi, Franklin President Susan Roberts, OHA's Executive Director Peter Apgar

The parade of Franklin coming down the street to OHA

Franklins lined up for the parade to OHA

The Franklin Club's Legal Advisor John Rendemonti doing what he does at every Trek

Tony Adams the Club's ACN Editor standing next to his 1932 series 16 Club Sedan

The former Carl Barker's talking Franklin - 1928 12B Sedan

Looks like a 1927 Series 11B or a 1928 Series 12A (if I'm wrong let me know)

1929 Series 135 Sport Sedan

Our Camera man in the center Dick Gashill

1933 Olympic Convertible Coupe

Inside the Northeast Classic Car Museum in Norwich, NY

If you need air in a tire on the road, do as Gordon Howard does with his Series 11B Sport Sedan, just take out the air hose from inside the car and start the engine.

Our camera man did it again on the left are Peg and Dick Gaskill

Work goes on even at the Trek

1929 engine

Another picture inside the Museum in Norwich, NY

One of the many places we visited at the Trek

V Window Franklin

Look close at Tony Adams's (ACN Editor) speedometer (60) on his 1932 Club Sedan with NO over drive. He was a little late for lunch and was trying to show your WebMaster (Frank Hantak) that we could make it on time. WE DID!!!!!!

Dick Burnham's early Knox air cooled. With Dick at the wheel is Neil Sugermeyer standing on the ground and Peter Kunan seated next to Dick.

Little hard to see, but here is George Staley's 1929 Series 137 Sport Touring. This is an all original Franklin that George found in 1998. He tells us it will be completely restored for the 2000 Trek

The side of City Hall on Franklin Day in Sycause, NY

Early Franklin with Dick Burnham checking out the top

Scott Dwyer's beautiful 1926 Series 11A Sport Touring

Arnold Christiansen's wonderful 1931 Series 153 Sedan

1930 Sedan

1930 Sedan under going complete restoration

What many Franklin members do at the Trek

Barrel hood open on an early Franklin

Barrel hood open on an early Franklin looking at a 4 cylinder air cooled engine

Carl Barker getting ready for the Trek auction, looks like he is tried already

Otto and Ron headed for the parts department

Connie Zierdt out for a walk on the College green