1998 45th Trek Pictures

If some ones name is missing or misspelled, it is your WebMaster that did it and he is sorry for any person that is named incorrectly. He will try harder next time and keep better notes. If you were unable to attend this years Trek these pictures should give you a good idea of the fun that was had by all. The attendance was about 400 people and 100 Franklins!!!

Many thanks to every one that worked so hard to make the 45th Trek so great!

The Spirit of Franklin Friendship

Last Revised September 26, 1998

Photos by: Dick Gaskill

Tim Coyle's 1913 Series 3

John Rendemonti's 1911 D Touring in 1997 above and below 1998 Restored

John Rendemonti's 1911 D Touring

1928 Series 12 A sedan

Leonard Aquilino's 1928 12A Standard Coupe WBC

1929 Series 130 sedan owned by the Watson's

George Staley found another unrestored Franklin 1929

Tim Coyle's 1913 Series 3 Touring

Sandy Bennett's 1923 Series 10B (Mayor of Baldwin, PA)


The Nipper's 1931 Series 153 Speedster

George Staley's Fire Chiefs Franklin

The boat we took to Heart Island

[ Joe's Hole in the Wall Website ]

Heart Island tour at this years Trek

The Watson always fit in (the style their cloths) on all our tours

Some people can always find the right place to be

The shortest International Brigde at the 1000 Islands

Some of the places we toured at the 1998 Trek

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