1999 Fall Midwest Region Meet

Decatur, Illinois, Hosted by John Harvy

The Midwest Region had 2 wonderful days in Illinois's great farm country. Many Museums were visited along with many other sites. The Region had about 50 in attendance with 5 Franklins and 1 Maxwell (water cooled)

John Harvy giving does and don't for the days touring

Franklins at the first stop - yes there is also a water cooled car in front of Dan's 1930

Roger Dayton's 1925 11A Sports Runabout

Roger Dayton's 1925 11A Sports Runabout front view

Alex Marshall's 1930 series 147 Pirate Touring

Roger Dayton's 1925 11A and Dan Rhoades's 1930 series 147 Sedan just turning in the parking lot

Glenn Pykiet's 1926 11A

Like most Franklin meets, member standing around talking about Franklins

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