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Franklins Parts Wanted

October 31, 2018

Help out a club member looking for a 1906G Flywheel.

Contact Chuck Richardson at 1906franklin@gmail.com

February 10, 2018

Help a new member of the Franklin Club who needs a carburetor for 1909 - 1910 - 1911 model G Franklin and a reliable paint formula for "Royal Blue" as used on brass era Franklins. Email: ccfigge@gmail.com

November 7, 2017

Wanted: 1925-31 Franklin Roadster/Convertible Coupe. Excellent mechanically, presentable cosmetically.

Contact Charles Nichols, 124 Round Hill Road, Kennett Square, PA 19348.
Phone 610-388-2742. E-mail csnichols@verizon.net.

November 5, 2017

Wanted gearbox for Franklin ca 1908 - 1911.
Any condition.
Please contact Andris Dambis by email at andris@osc.lv


June 25, 2017

Wanted parts for 1923 Franklin 10B Sedan

  • 1 Waltham 8 day clock
  • 2 Atwater Kent N7 ignition coil.
  • 3 Franklin type aluminum carburetor. Overall condition not important, just need some parts.
  • 4 On off switch for vacuum wiper.
  • 5 Headlight tilting mechanism, or entire headlights.
  • 6 Clear licence plate glass from a tail light.

Would also like to correspond with someone who has this model that can advise me on a few things (I am in Australia.)

Please contact Ron Daw by email at rondaw1@bigpond.com

May 18, 2017

Wanted parts for 1923 Franklin 10B Sedan

  • 1 cast aluminum upper engine cooling shroud #R2730
  • 2 thumb screws #r2739
  • 1 parking brake handle assembly with mounting parts #r1858
  • 1 transmission brake band and attaching parts #1837

Please contact Bruce Strobel 716-392-0991(cell) or
email kestrelbs@roadrunner.com

March 19, 2016

1928 Franklin 12B Sedan parts needed:

Window crank handles for 1928 12B sedan. Need all 4 plus back 2 "t" handles for last glass.
Would also like information on copies made by anyone, stainless, etc.

Mark Cates, McAlester, OK 918-429-3969 email me at mcates@ktc.edu or catesmc2@gmail.com

March 7, 2016

1926 Franklin 11B runabout parts needed:

1 front bumper bar
2 rear bumper brackets
2 horn buttons
Seat riser with metal u shaped moulding retainer
Gas cap
Stop and tail light lenses

Matthew Hinson 347-701-5020

February 1, 2016

Wanted for 1933 Olympic 18B - Front Shell Complete. Have hood, need complete shell with rods connecting shell to firewall. Need all hardware to connect shell. Also, need "Olympic Badge" at bottom of shell.

Also, looking for 1929 or 1930 Coupe for project restoration.

Frank Castillo (909) 296-0980 Southern California

January 4, 2016

Rose Pattern Window Crank Handle - used on Briggs Body cars.  Please see photo and call Cliff Lewis 508-641-0171.  I could use one or two or these that were used on some Franklin cars from the late 1920’s.


Franklin Club Member Advertisements

December 7, 2018.
Series 12 and 13 new replacement Zenith updraft carburetors.

Designed to replace the original potmetal Stromberg T-2 on all Series 12A and B, and all potmetal T-2, U-2 used to mid production Series 13. After many decades the original potmetal carbs are cracking and becoming unsafe to use as a result of intergranular corrosion. The potmetal used in the 1920's and early 1930's is porous. It is slowly corroding from within and expanding/cracking.

These are new manufacture, diecast updraft carburetors have the correct size venturi and jetting for all Franklin Series 12A, B, and Series 130. Plus a model is available for the larger Series 135/137 engines.


  • Bench set and ready to bolt-on updraft that uses all the original hand and foot controls.
  • Simple and decades-proven design.
  • Original air filter fits right on.
  • Adjustable idle speed, idle air/fuel mix, and high speed fuel jet, that work the same as the tuning procedures covered in the Franklin Operator’s Manuals.
  • Fuel-proof rubber tipped float needle for leak-free sealing when the engine is shutoff.
  • Same 1/8 inch pipe thread as original fuel line inlet fitting.
  • Vacuum controlled accelerator and power enrichment circuits.
  • Dust seals an throttle and choke butterfly shafts.
  • Comes with new mounting gasket, nuts, and lock washers.

Note, these are not stationary/industrial engine carburetors, like many that are turning up installed as replacements in the past. With these there is no need to over-adjust the main jet too-rich for cruising conditions so as to compensate for being too-lean during acceleration and hill climbing because previous replacement types lacked those fuel circuits. These are specifically designed and sized with all the correct fuel circuits needed to smoothly handle all Franklin driving conditions with the proper air/fuel ratios.

For more info contact,
Paul Fitzpatrick
Email: airiscool@frontiernet.net



October 4, 2018.
1918-1922 Framklin front and rear axles

Near as I can tell these are 1918 - 1922 - Springs good for patterns but rough-most brackets good- Oil still in rear axle-aluminum differential cover has a few minor dings - Email with questions - May be able to deliver to Hershey.

Email Corey White at coreyj1915t@gmail.com


May 3, 2018.
Mostly complete Franklin engine

Selling mostly complete Franklin engine out of my inventory. Apart. Engine came with other parts I brought years ago.

Engine parts are:

1. Complete block with crank, cam, and fly wheel installed. Piston journals still wrap as when block return from machine shop. Block # 35-157446

2. Oil pan, rebuilt oil pump, and oil pump tubes/lines included.

3. Both intake and exhaust manifolds included

4. 6 jugs with new heads/rings installed and 6 piston rods included (you will need rod bearings).

5. Rebuilt top valve caps included.

6. Fan hood, fan wheel, front u-tube exhaust, and bottom air hood assembly included/no top air hood

7. Rebuilt oil top and distributor included.

8. You will need a top air hood, gaskets and other parts I can't think of at the moment to have a complete "35" Franklin engine. You will also need a carb, fuel pump, a starter, generator, etc. to complete engine.

This is not a complete engine. Again, missing top air hood and other parts I am not aware of at the moment. I was going to assemble a complete engine, but just too many projects. And as my Franklins are complete with extra parts, I decide to thin out my inventory. Questions are welcome.

Asking $6,000 at Franklin site for everything. Sold as is where is with no written or verbal warranties given. Delivery possible at cost if paid in full first.

Frank (909) 296-0980 / frankjocelyncastillo@gmail.com
Lucerne Valley / Southern California


May 5, 2017.
Crank Hole Cover.

FOR SALE. I have recently taken a crank hole cover and have had it re-manufactured into a bronze casting with a 3/8"-16 threaded rod on the reverse side. The threaded portion came from the sprue that was formed to get the molten bronze down to the cover area. The casting looks like the dwg. # 45103 from the Franklin Co. library and was cast from an original Franklin crank hole cover. The casting was then painted with a coating of special paint instead of chroming it.

The outline of black that is shown can be applied or the entire casting can be left for the purchaser to get chromed. Cost is $75.00 per cover.

Augie Vorndran III
805 County Line Rd.
Ontario, NY 14519
Email: alf1920@aol.com

Plate Plate

April 23, 2017.
Brass information plate.

FOR SALE. Original brass information plaque. Seeking fair offers for this rare plaque. Contact Mike Silva at durocar@aol.com.


January 14, 2017

Lots of Franklin literature and one headlight lens:

Original Literature:
1934 Airman Series Sales brochure. $50
Franklin Automobile Co. Parts Sales Catalog. $20
Franklin Automobile Service Co. Parts Sales Catalog. $20

Copies / Reprints:
Air Cooled News - 1953 - 1966. $25 all
Series 14 - 19 Franklin Factory Service Bulletins. $20 all
Series 16A and B Owner's Manual. $25

Club literature:
Air Cooled News - 100+ issues, late 1970's - 2016. $50 all
Franklin Service Station - 100+ issues early 1980's - 2016. $50 all
Rosters and Car Registers Mid-1970's - 2015. $20 all

Twilite Headlamp lens, 12 inch, Series 15 - 16. $150

Contact Jeff Swanson jeffjanetpl@broadstripe.net or call 509-579-0409.






February 7, 2016

Lots of Parts and supplies from James Drew. Click here to email questions or to contact James Drew at jimdrew417@gmail.com. There are approximately 80 photos of 1932 Franklin car parts and prices. Click here to see the photos. It totals up to approximately $16,000. He would much prefer to make one sale for the entire lot either to one person, or to a group of people, and for that he would cut the asking price in half. The parts are stored in Batavia, NY.

1. Sheet Metal Parts, $55
2. Ft Rest Valve Washers Sprints Window and Door Handles Courtesy Lamps,$450
3. Hood Louvers, Main and Rod Brgs, Timing Chain, Step Plates, Valves, Tool Kit, Misc Gaskets $300
4. Gas and Temp Gage Script Spr Louver Door Planetary Gear, Tail Light Lenses Rocker Pins and Guides Windshield Support $350
5. Hood Holddown $50
6. Running Bd Supp Steering Column INt. Wood Cowel Lights Windshield Frame Battery Door Cover Frt Stab Bar, Sp Tire Holddown Oil Dip Stick, $350
7. Windshield Supp Misc Chrome Strips Rocker Arm Intake Exhaust Manif, Rear axle, Steering Col Supp $500
8. Rain Gutter Vinyl Upholstery approx 2y yds 42 in wide $100
9. Windshield Stantions, Castings for spare tire, Door Latches and Wedge $250
10. Top Pivot Bolts and Holddown Scr Chrome Washers, Rumble Adj for Lid, Windshield Wiper Sleeve Pivot,Windshield Knobs and Arms, Hood Washers, Turn Signal Mechanism, 2 Chassis Serial Nos, 2 Running Bd Lights $800 #10-13
11. Asst Lt Bulbs, Running Bd Lights and Gaskets, Cowl Lights and Lense, Courtesy Lights Switch
12. Air Cleaner, Ignition Switch, Temp Gauge Cable
13. Fuse Holder, Door Latch, Dash Bd Switch, Tail Lamp Brkt
14.Tail Light Parts, Cowl Lights and Lenses, Mts for Cowl Lights Hardware and sockets $250
15. Cyl Assys, Rocker Arms, Valves, Cooling Fan and Brkts #15-17 $750
16. Main Brg Cap, Cam Shaft Brg Holder, Hood Louver Doors
17. Crankshaft Frt Pulley, Cam Shaft Brg Holder, Wheel Brgs, Hub Caps
18. Cowl Light Lenses $300
19. Misc Interior Wood $150 #19-22 $600
20. Mtr Mt, Tappet Covers,
21. Fender Brkts
22. Oil Pumps, Door Jambs, Cooling Fan Adapt, Shock Absorber
23. Misc Int Wood,Dist Tube, Spare Tire Mt #23-24 $350
24. Timing Gear, Door Hinges, Splash Apron Mts 25. Pistons, Conn Rod with Piston, Frt Engine Timing Cover, 1 Set Used Brgs #25-27 $500
26. Pistons, Bell Hsgs
27. Clutch Actuating Lever, Pistons with Wrist Pins
28. Cam Shafts, Mold for Tireholddown with brkt screws $550
29. Trunk Brkts, Carbuertor, Strongberg, Carter, Choke Cable,L Handles for Trunk #29-30 $450
30. Windshield Knobs, Gas Gage, Chrome Bezel, Asst Gaskets
31. Coolant Ducts with Clams, Window Knobs, Rumble Seat Handle, Donuts for Window Oper, tie Rod end, Steering Column Brkt 2 Steering Wheels $1200
32. Running Bd Brkts, Brake Fluid Reservoir, Vac Tank Holder, Window Moldings, Battery Holder $200
33. Hood Side Panels $200
34. Elec Fuel Pump, Starter Sol. Starter Button, Mtr Meter, Fuse Holder $350
35. Floor Boards, Valve Springs and Washers, SpareTire Lock $100
36. Door Window Shades, Int Wood Trim, Piston, Defroster Fan, Door Hinge, Exhaust Valve and Springs,Intake Valve and Springs, 1 piece Acc. Linkage $250
37. Horns $275
38. Bell Hsg,Cross Member $250
39. Front Seat Cushion $100
40. Asst Lights Monogram $100
41. Pattern Rear Window Curtain (Auburn) 2 Bezels and 1 Lens for Lamp, Carb not complete, Misc Transmission Parts,1 pc chrome for hood $150
42. Gas Tank Sending Unit, Sun Visor Pattern, 6 Hub Caps $350
43. Misc Engine Parts, Body Mt, Bumper Brkts $200
44. Piston with rods, Pistons without rods,Body Brtks $300
45. Asst Hd Lamps without Lenses (Twilite) Paragon Hd Light with and without lenses $400
46. Headlights Twilight and Paragon $350
47. Lumax Hd Light S-7, BLC t820 682J,Chassis Jack $250
48. Copper Hd Lamp, Tail Light Hsg Assy nolens, Master Cyl, Dashboard Pattern,Horn, $250
49. Asst Hd Lens and Reflectors (Twilight) for30-31 Franklin, 29-31 Marmon, 28-31 Peerless, Depressed Beam,Chevy Lens $300
50. Rear Axles, Door Jambs $250
51. Front Shell $100
52. Front Shell $50
53. Front Shell $25
54. Hood $100
55. Oil Pan $150
56. Back Fender $50
57. Back Fender $50
58. Back Fender $50
59. Front Fender $100
60. Air Deflector $150
61. Running Boards $100
62. Crankshaft $150
63. Eleptical Spring Full and Partial $100
64. Interior Door Panel Patterns $100
65. Splash Apron $200 for set (#65 and 66)
66. Splash Aprons R andL 67. Lock Rings $100
68. Cowl $250
69. Engine Cooling Shroud $100
70. Rt Rear Fender $100
71. Backing Plate and Brake Assy, Pedal,Brkt $250
72. Running Board $150
73. Rear Body Section for Sedan #73-75 $500
74. Rear body Section
75. Rear Body
76. Rt Hood Section, Lft Running Bd, Body Brkt $150
77. Grill and Center Insert $75
78. Gas Tank Shroud, Body Post $100

Watson Stabilator Straps February 7, 2015

Only available size is 1 1/2" by 24", which will fit Series 9 through 12 cars. These have a grey surface and are made from the available webbing that is most like the original. Price for present HHFC members is $20 each, non-members $30 each. Shipping by Priority Mail for 1 to 4 straps is $7. Part of the proceeds will be donated to the Club.

Contact Gordon Howard cchoward@snet.net or 860-871-6442.


We have recently re-run the following parts projects:

  • Sidedraft engine & V/12 cooling baffles - Hasslen design, proven performance. 8 sets remain $49/set (2 sets required for V/12)
  • Aircraft bronze exhaust guides - factory design guide with modern materials. Superior lubrication, cooler stem temps. longer life. $14.90 each, $89.40 per set. New run, 10 sets available.
  • Tubular pushrod kit - The easiest, most cost effective way to rebuild the valvetrain with the benefit of quieter operation, less strain. Includes new pushrods, new lifters, fitted guides, tube modification, adjusters. Call for details.
  • ** NEW** Spicer universal joint - fits Series 8 through Series 14, 2 per car. These are new Spicer crosses with needle bearings machined to fit the Franklin. Limited run. $37.50 each

Please note parts projects are run on an as-needed basis (as we need 'em, not you) and are available only at limited times. Purchase now to avoid missing out. All parts + shipping & handling. MN residents subject to 6.5% sales tax.

Other new & custom engine parts available. Engine restoration services, insert bearing conversions, camshaft grinding, cylinder & head rebuilding, Proven parts, designs, workmanship. All years, all Series. Please call. Tom Rasmussen, Odyssey Restorations, Inc. 8080 Central Ave. NE Spring Lake Park, MN 55432 763-786-1518 email odyrestorations@aol.com.

1931 Series 15 Spring Pivot Bolt/Bushing Sets January 3, 2013

These bolts fit the 1931 OPEN EYE spring only, used on many, but not all 1931 Franklins. The OPEN EYE springs are identified by the large diameter (approx 1-7/8”) end caps.

1931 153 Open Eye Pivot Bolt Assembly Identification

Bolts are made to original specifications (drawing #53051), are case hardened and ground. Solid 660 bronze bushings replace the OEM steel-backed bushings which badly wore the pivot bolt after the bronze liner was worn.

  • $32.95 per bolt/bushing
  • $130 set of four (one axle)
  • $250 set of eight (complete car)

We needed a set and made some extras. If you have a car with these springs – buy now.

Tom Rasmussen
Odyssey Restorations, Inc.
8080 Central Ave NE
Spring Lake Park, MN 55432


1931 153 Open Eye Pivot Bolt Assembly Identification

Drum Puller -- Something new from Dick Gaskill, a drum puller - Can deduct $12.00 if you don't need calipers and $8.00 if you don't need the Thread file, contact Dick Gaskill, rgaskill7@att.net or mail 14411 Ramblewood, Livonia, MI 48154-5336 or phone 734-591-2565 price $149.95

Drum puller

DECALS FOR DASH AND CIGAR SET - Looks just the ones Franklin manufactured. This picture shows a green color which is really reproduced as the original gold very well in the decal itself.


These decals were made on a 1.3 million dollar Heidelberg Press which handles the difficult job of printing metalic gold ink Price is $30.00 for complete set of 3 decals plus one extra one free for experimentation or marking alignment on dash. This will also give you insurance against any problem you might have. Decals will take clear finish without running the ink. These are not water decals but rather high quality prints on sticky material. Looks even better than originals at all viewing angles. Dick guarantees you will be pleased or return the decals for a full refund. Decals would look fine as final touch without any clear coat over them also. Write, call or e-mail Richard M. Gaskill, 14411 Ramblewood St., Livonia, MI 48154, 734.591.2565, e-mail rgaskill7@att.net

Pilots The Franklin manual states: "Use the two PILOTS for lining up the bolts" when changing a wheel and tire. Pictured here are the NEW PILOTS to make your tire changing easier. Order yours today, the set pictured are 9/16" - 18 thread, check yours before ordering. One set of 2 $15.00 plus postage of $1.50 per set. Make your check for $16.50 payable to: Richard Gaskill and mail it to: 14411 Ramblewood, Livonia, MI 48154-5336. Should you have any questions, e-mail them to: rgaskill7@att.net


Franklin Parts by Hasslen

  • Timing Chains - Series 10 through Series 18
  • Gasket sets for engine rebuild
  • Miscellaneous Gaskets
  • Parts to build Gas Reserve and Supply for Series 10, 11 and 12
  • Porcelain Franklin Service Station signs
  • Fire Wall plates - Series 9 though Series 18
  • Watson Stabilitator plates - three piece and rivets in set
  • Walker body plates
  • Parts to build mufflers - 1907 to Series 8 and 9A, 9B, 10A and 10B
  • New carburetor top for Series 8 though Series 11
  • Series 16 interior door handles
  • Series 12 interior door handles
  • Olympic interior door handles Olympic exterior door handles
  • Belt buckles with Series 12 emblem
  • Felt Valve oiler pads
  • Cast aluminum brake and clutch pedals
  • Series 12, 13, 14 and Olympic hub caps
  • Series 15 and 16 hub caps are in the works now, call for information or to place your order. For more information or to order any of the above call or write Jeff Hasslen, 13311 95th St. NE, Elk River, MN 55330-7418 phone 763-441-7815

High Speed Gears for S-12 through S-19 (except S-17 & 18) December 28, 2008
This is the 4th run, over 100 sets sold, cruise at 60 MPH. We are ready to place the order for these 3.92-1 ring and pinion gear sets. If you have signed up in the past you should get an order form in the mail by the end of the year. If not please contact me for questions and ordering information. Price will be $968.00, ½ deposit at time of order, app. 6 months delivery.

Jeff Hasslen
763-441-7815 evenings and weekends

1929 Franklin right hand tail light stanchions
New castings, machined, ready to paint. $107.00 each, shipping extra. Contact:
George Staley
Dublin Rd.
De Ruyter, NY 13052-9201

Spark coil and ignition instrument water shield
Spark coil and ignition instrument water shield for the Franklin models ranging from 10A-B to 11A-B. The part number in the catalog is #R-3383. I found, with some research, a small shield piece still intact, plans from the club (thanks to Jeff Hasslen), some patience and help from a good friend of mine. If anybody has an original of these I would be very interested to find out. In any case if there is an interest, I could make a short production. These would range in price around $60 to $80 and would be a great complement to the High Tension Rubber Escutcheons part # R-3409 escutcheon sold by the Club. I will bring some samples to the Trek.

Shield conduit Parts book Shield Under shield

Andre Audette
23 Farnham Cr.
Ottawa, ON, K1K 0G1

11A chassis number plate reproduction
A 11A plate reproduction. (Sample of the whole and part of the finish art work.) With John Hasslen's support I have enlarged an original plate digitally 100 times, corrected letters and lines before reducing again to true scale. I am ready to undertake a run which will cost US $30 to $40 a plate, holes included on the correct aluminum thickness and finish (mirror). I need a serious show of interest before undertaking, if possible before the Trek.

Andre Audette
23 Farnham Cr.
Ottawa, ON, K1K 0G1

11a Plate Reproduction

New, NOS, and Reproduction Parts

REPRODUCED PARTS for a 1929, series 13, 135 sedan.
THROTTLE: Lost wax casting in bronze from original zinc die cast part. Finished and nickel plated; ready to drop in. Excellent fit. $180.00 Plus $10.00 for packing, postage, and insurance.


GRILL CAP: Lost wax casting in bronze from original zinc die cast part. Finished and chrome plated over nickel plating. Note it is the one with the Herringbone decoration around the perimeter and measures 3 1/2" in diameter. Shrinkage is less than 1/16" diameter from the original pot metal piece. Some very, very small pits hardly seen at arms length. Special attention to herringbone detail so to duplicate original as accurately as possible. On underside one can see the original factory number in the fine detail and the stud has been drilled and tapped to 5/16th x 18, square and straight to the piece. $400.00 Plus $10.00 for packing, postage, and insurance.

Image Image

These prices reflect cost only and no profit is realized. Plaster molds, rubber molds, casting, finishing to auto quality plating adds up fast, but I was very pleased with the results. These parts will be at the 2008 Trek
James Roberts, email at, lrclock11@yahoo.com or call at 978-658-4339 voice mail there 1/08.

Front window frames for Franklins from 1925 to 1934 - They manufacture the correct channels for front frame as well as the frames for the convertible coupes. The company is: N/C Industries Antique Auto Parts, P.O. Box 254, 301 S. Thomas Ave., Sayre, PA 18840 - Talk with Kevin Brown Phone 570.888.6216.

Resilvering of head light and tail light reflectors. They also have cork gaskets and light bulbs for most head/tail lights. Steve's Auto Restorations, Inc., 4440 S.E. 174th, Portland, Oregon 97236 Phone 503.665.2222

Brake hoses Brake Hoses
The same hoses fit most Chrysler cars of the later 20's and early 30's. The cost is $19.50 (as of 1999).

Gary Roberts, Jr.
Roberts Motor Parts, Inc.
17 Prospect Street
West Newbury, MA 01985
978-363-5407 or 800-231-3180


Vacuum Tank Gaskets February 3, 2009
You can purchase vacuum tank gaskets at:

Restoration Supply Company
15182-B Highland Valley Rd.
Escondido, CA 92025
Order Desk (800) 306-7008
Other Inquiries (760) 741-4014
Fax (760) 739-8843

Brake Parts 1930 - 1934 August 4, 2008
Information on the Franklin brake system from Allan Franklin who researched for his 1931 Franklin Automobile, Series 152. Parts should be the same for the brakes on the following:

1930 Series 145
1930 Series 147
1932 Series 151
1931 Series 152
1931 Series 153
1932 Series 163
1932 Series 164
1933 Series 193
1934 Series 194

  • 3 each Brake Hoses 28-30 # T52A (male threads) 3 @ $19.50 ea. = $ 58.50
    Source: Roberts Motor Parts (800) 231-31870, contact Gary (Shipping $10.00)
  • 1 each Master Cylinder Rebuilt Kit #UP-1, $14.80
    Source: NAPA
  • 2 each 1 3/8" Front Wheel Cylinders # WC-1430, 2 @ $78.69 ea. = $157.37
  • 2 each 1 1/4" Rear Wheel Cylinders # WC-695, 2 @ $52.79 ea. = $105.58
    Stock front wheel cylinders use 1 1/4" but 1 3/8" larger ones can be used by filling out the two mounting holes.
  • 4 each Bleeder Screws # F-11410, 4 @ $1.33 ea. = $6.75
  • 3 each Master Cylinders Washers # F-17 (pack of 10) $3.80
  • 4 each Banjo Bolt Copper Washers # F-602 (pack of 10) $4.60
  • 4 each Copper Washers # F-603 (pack of 10) $4.60
    Notes: Use Loctight on Master Cylinder washers.
    Source: Rock Auto (866) 762-5288, contact Jeff
  • Stoplight Switch: Echlin # SL-113
    See Harley Davidson dealer? Echlin 113 is available from NAPA

Bleed brakes, starting furthest from the master cylinder in this order: left rear, right rear, right front, left front. After cleaning out the brake lines blow air and brake cleaner thru the lines. I elected to use Dot 5 Brake Fluid.

Vacuum Tank
From Chuck MacDonald: Wallace Desck has repaired my vacuum tank, tested it and is shipping it back. Approx $100.00. He did state that the top may have to be replaced but he would give me credit for it. He said there is a company in Australia that makes them. I'll let you know how it work once I install it. Approximately $19.00 and 4 days to ship the tank to Florida by UPS Ground.

Wallace Deck
PO Box 380
Ridge Farm, IL 61870

Address in Florida is:
2041 Thompson Nursery Road, Lot 40
Lake Wales, FL 33859

Oil Filter
New manufacture oil filter from Roberts Motor Parts, part number T45. While they are not the long canister type that was used originally, these are the same 4-1/8 inch outside diameter as fits the original oil filter brackets, with 1/8 national pipe thread on each end marked "in" and "out". 5-7/8 inch long overall. Some black paint and a repro Purolater decal from the California Classic Car Club guys and it's close. For those who don't know, they are the same people we get the brake hoses from (for 28-34 Franklins use number T52A, see below for picture of the hose).


Roberts Motor Parts
17 Prospect St.
West Newbury, MA 01985

Fuel pumps and rebuild kits
Fuel pumps and rebuild kits available at:

Antique Auto Parts Cellar

Brake Line
As has been said many times in the past and bears repeating here... "refrigeration copper tubing" should NOT be used in brake systems. It is NOT meant to take the working pressures of even an old low pressure brake system like Franklins have. Refrigeration copper tubing is TOO SOFT for that application. The burst strength of soft copper is too close to the maximum working pressures that a Franklin brake system can generate. This tubing I am listing is about 8 times stronger than the same sized tubing in soft copper. It matches the original copper used on Franklin hydraulic brake systems in that it is designed, tested and rated for use in modern brake systems. Well above what a Franklin brake system has to deal with and like originally intended by Franklin, has the added benefit of no worries about corrosion.

This material is very nice to work with and with a simple flaring tool, is easy to duplicate the single flair connections that Franklin used. It is also easy to form to fit into the chassis.

There are two companies that sell the tubing:

Image Image

Automec Equipment and Parts Limited
36 Ballmoor
Buckingham Industrial Park,
Buckingham, MK18 1RQ
Phone: 01280 822818 or 823117
Fax: 01280 823140
Email: info@automec.co.uk

The Automec people are very nice to deal with. E-mailed questions were answered very promptly. Fast, courteous service. They also carry all the tools necessary for forming and installing tubing for just about any type of application, all of which can be seen on their website listed above.

The tubing comes in 25 foot rolls. All years of Franklins will use almost all of a 25 foot roll of 1/4 inch tubing. Order number for the 1/4 inch od tubing is, HCP014. The 5/16 inch od tubing that is needed for the cross over line from the master cylinder to the tee fitting on the passenger side of the chassis, and the reservoir line on '30 and later cars is, HCP516. Only three feet of the 5/16 is needed for '28 and '29. 1930 and later cars need two, three foot pieces (6 feet total) of the 5/16. One for the cross over line and one to the brake fluid reservoir can on the firewall.

Update: November 18, 2010
This tubing along with a wide assortment of fittings is now available in the USA at:

Federal Hill Trading Company
195 Federal Hill Road
Oxford, MA 01540-1303
Tel: 508-987-2660

They do not have a store front and deal mainly by phone or Internet. They have a very good web site that list all the products they carry as well as answers to technical information. Federal Hill carries partial rolls of tubing so you do not have to buy a 25' roll if you do not need it.

Runningboard Mouldings
L & L Auto Trim has runningboard moldings for 1927, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32 and 1933 Franklins. Plus some earlier moldings. Call or write your needs.

L&L Antique Auto Trim
Gerald Landoll
403 Spruce
P.O. Box 177
Pierce City, MO 65723

Spark Plugs
The 1928 12A has a 7/8" thread and uses a Champion W18 spark plug. The numbers recently changed and I think the new number is 518, but you should ask for the W18 first. Franklin switched to an 18mm threaded plug for the 12B. This uses a champion D16, or current number is 516. I have seen a couple 12-As with Series 130 cylinders, so make certain yours has the original large plug in it. Most good-sized auto parts stores stock the plugs. If they don't have them in stock, they can surely order them.

Series 14 Distributors
Series 14 and Chev Distributors AT THE "BIG A" CHAIN OF PARTS HOUSE, WHICH SELL STANDARD MOTOR PRODUCTS. CONDENSER = 32 - 821, ROTOR = 34 - 13, POINTS = 31 - 30, CAP = 33 - 22. Don't worry about the different Chev. distributor model numbers - they all use the same points, condenser, cap and rotor and will fit your Series 14. Just tell your parts house you want the parts for a '57 Chev, and you'll get the right stuff.

Data Plates
Bill Williams makes data plates and has made some for Franklin. I've only purchased the new crankhole covers from him (which double as V/12 valve cover medallions). Also has Delco starter & generator tags.

Bill Williams

So. Cal region of the CCCA has lots of plates as well, including pre 1912 Franklin plates, but none later. Also has Delco starter & generator tags.

So. Cal Region of the CCCA
P.O. Box 3742
Orange, CA 92857
send SASE

Air Filters
Having recently had the top end of my engine rebuilt, it was pointed out to me that I needed to get a "real" air filter to protect the rings. My research into a filter that would fit for "drivers" of their cars identified a K&N manufactured filter that will fit the neck of the U-3 Stromberg carburetor on cross-draft engines. The filters were developed for off-road racing and are well known in street rod circles. It is expensive (relatively) but is a permanent type that can be washed out and reused. The manufacturer's number is RU - 3560 and it is sold in NAPA parts stores.

Stoplight switch replacement for 1932 Airman
Stoplight switch replacement on my '32 Airman that works is NAPA ECHLIN SL113. Replacement needed because old one left stoplights on all the time. Magic word to NAPA counterman was "Chrysler" although "Franklin" was used.

Gear Oil
New Holland Industrial Equipment sells an EP Gear Grease part #9821006 that is equal to the 600 W Gear oil used in most older cars and trucks. The best way is to get on the internet and type in New Holland Industrial Equipment then click on Search. This will bring up their web page and tell you of a dealer nearest you.

Another supplier of reproduction parts for Franklins, they reproduce many of the wiring harnesses and carry additional wiring supplies used in Franklins. They also have the measurements to add the accessory right tail light to the harness for 1930 and 1931.

Rhode Island Wiring
567 Liberty Lane
P.O. Box 434
West Kingston, RI 02892

Wood Steering Wheels
All wood steering wheels manufactured by Snyder's Woodcraft -- he is a Franklin Club member. If you did not see them at the Trek ask someone that was there, they were beautiful.

Snyder's Woodcraft
618 South Spruce St.
Nazareth, PA 18064
Home: 610-759-4642
Work: 610-759-4276

Ignition Parts
I have a large stock of NOS ignition parts that fit not only Franklin but most makes and models from 1910 to 1960.
Tom VanMeeteren. Email at tsvanmeet@gmail.com

Tom V

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