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Franklins Wanted

The H.H. Franklin Club provides 'Wanted' listings as a service to its members and others.

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August 8, 2019

Wanted. Franklin Olympic or late model Franklin. Would like to have a vehicle that can be driven now and enjoyed. We just returned from the '19 Trek and want to have a car that can be enjoyed at next year's Trek and now at home. We are looking for an Olympic but are open to others. What do you have that can be enjoyed and driven now?

Updated December 19, 2019

We are still looking to acquire a Franklin. May I try another approach. I would like to trade our 1964 Valiant convertible for a Franklin. It is unusual as it was built in Canada and has the front clip of a Valiant but from the cowl back it is a Dodge Dart. It has a 225 slant 6 with a factory 4 speed shifter. The top is manual. It was featured in the September issue of Hemmings Classic Car. I have it valued at $11,500 or best offer. The car is located at our home in mid-Michigan about an hour and a half from the Gilmore Museum and the Franklin Museum there.

Thank you! Dick and Connie Roth, outside of Lansing, MI. Cell: 515-537-0252.


June 7, 2019

Wanted. Franklin 4 door sedan in good running and mechanical order. 1928-1932 preferred. Open or closed car. Side mounts a plus. A nice solid and dependable car so I can begin to enjoy touring and the treks. Not looking for any projects or cars needing major work.

Chris Richard
Springtown, TX
Text or cell 817 629 1144
Email: Chrisgiddyup06@aol.com

January 10, 2019

Wanted: 1932 Club Sedan or Speedster.

Also, $100 reward for whereabouts and the current owner of 1932 Blue Club Sedan, VIN 63208450L30 that was auctioned at Barrett Jackson in January 2013.

Contact Bill Longley,
Naples, Florida
Phone: (404) 307-2076
Email: wlongley1@gmail.com.